Mapping Dublin with a Twist

The Storymap website says “Storymap presents a charming vision of Dublin through its stories and storytellers.” You have a map of the city of Dublin with colourful circles that look like the voice boxes from cartoons.

As you put your cursor over the top a brief tag shows up giving you an idea of what you may find. When you click on the circle you get a brief description of the story, the storyteller and a video link of the storyteller sharing their story.

There are modern stories mixed in with historic stories. There is one connected to a student prank at Trinity College in 1734 that ends up in murder. There is another that looks at the Huguenot Cemetery in Dublin.

There is even a link telling the story of Dan Donnelly’s arm. This has a family connection to me as one of my Kelly collateral lines, Captain William Kelly, was said to have been Donnelly’s manager at one point.

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